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So is Ponnuru, someone who is supposed to be one of this new breed of smart conservative (Douthat, Salaam come to mind) really basing his assessment on a virtual impossibility? That seems to be the case. Again, there’s going on TV and creating some false reality, and then there’s crafting actual strategy based on ridiculously false premises.

Delayed Props


My old roommate Dan Darcy is hiking the Appalachian trail, and blogging about it. Please check him out here–he’ll also be added to the blogroll after I post this. DD was just living in LA, so I imagine this is the cultural equivalent of moving from Maine to LA. Which Dan also did, by way […]

Take it away, Danny Trejo So this punk comes up, he says, “I went to blah blah,” just some, I don’t know what the hell it is, Lee Strasberg or some bullshit training, “and I don’t need no has-been actor to give me direction.” Then I realized this guy wasn’t kidding. I’m thinking, “This guy’s […]

Visitors of Drudge will recognize this one: Vaughn Ward got in trouble for not including a disclaimer on the ad about the military not endorsing a repeal of “Obamacare”– you know, the health care reform bill remarkably similar to “Romneycare.” (One wonders if the military will ever endorse their single payer system for all Americans). […]

*Sigh*. I guess it wasn’t that hard to notice the performances of Robben and Sneijder, after being sold from Madrid. Still, throw me a link, Didac!

“How’s that for Andrew Jackson-style leadership?” – Pat Buchanan on Obama’s reaction to the Arizona Immigration law.

Coates has managed to take advantage of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposal to honor Confederate History Month by dedicating a series of posts to the true legacy of the Confederacy. I remember a while back when Andrew Sullivan did the “It’s so Personal” posts on abortion, the Atlantic put all of the posts under one link. […]