10 Years of Sully


Somehow I don’t think my toast will make the Dish, but I think it’s worth putting out there.

I came to Andrew’s blog later in its life after seeing him many times on Real Time. I think my feelings on Andrew were similar to many my age who read him: Who is this person who actually makes sense calling himself conservative? I believe I read him on and off in 2007, and then of course during the 2008 primaries, Andrew was one of the few who actually kept up with my appetite for election news and commentary.

Let’s not spend too much time address the “well sometimes I don’t agree…” part. I think that goes without saying, especially for a man of so many opinions and who has been in the game for so long. I would say however, that I would cringe reading what I thought in 2004. First of all, the actual quality of writing would not be that good in a strictly literary sense. I think it also would include a heavy dose of Kosian liberal naiveté (if for any reason, someone reading this is from high school, you’ll remember my support for Kucinich,  and even in early 2007, Edwards.)

Sometimes, I forget to read Slate or I realize I haven’t checked Drudge in a couple of days. After 2008, this has never happened with Andrew. The Dish kept me sane for a long time at work. I miss him whenever he’s away in Provincetown, and everyday he is, I never fail to forget that he’s gone, followed by a familiar sense of disappointment. To me, this says a lot. He often has many talented people filling in for him, but simply put, no one is on his level.

It’s going to be a sad day when his blog ends, and nothing can replace it. I have a feeling that day is coming sooner rather than later. However, I have no doubt that Andrew his written himself a place in history doing something far more important than editing the New Republic.

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