On Mrs. Eberley’s 1st Grade Class and David Axelrod


I’m watching Lawrence O’Donnell’s show now because I just love being a typical liberal. Anyway, David Axelrod is on and he’s talking about the Democratic Party’s decision to hold off the vote on ending the Bush tax cuts/starting the Obama ones. The Bush tax cuts, of course, expire this year this will result in a rise in taxes for the highest tax bracket, those making 250,000 a year plus. First, while I doubt I’ll get any pushback, the myth that this would affect a significant amount of small businesses needs to go away. Further does the myth that you can make 250k a year and somehow be middle class. It’s something the modest among us might like to think is true but simply isn’t.

Anyway, back to David Axelrod. He’s explaining that the Democrats pushed off voting on letting the Bush tax cuts expire because there was significant fear that the GOP would hit Democrats in political ads and debates for raising taxes. I’d like to know exactly why this would be news.

The GOP and their rebranded right wing, the Tea Party party, has said that Obama and congress has raised taxes since they were elected in 2008. I guess he sorta has, but he’s cut income tax. Not that that matters. Because they are going to say it no matter what he or any other Democrat does. Because that’s what Democrats do, according to almost every one.

In my first grade class, my teacher explained what the two parties did as calmly and as simply as possible. To paraphrase, she said that the Republicans want you to pay less taxes, but get fewer services, and Democrats want you to pay a little more taxes, but get more services. I actually identified with Democrats at the time, for the record, but I think this explanation speaks volumes. If you, quite literally, were going to offer the most simple explanation of the two major parties, it would include Democrats raising taxes. It’s unavoidable.

So, Democrats have to start making the case. There was this great point in Weeds where Nancy realizes she’s always reacting. The Democrats just need to stop reacting and hope it works out. Because it’s not going to work out if this keeps up.

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