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Something that caught my eye in Andy’s response is that it’s not exactly easy to move settlers on the post-1967 land out of the territory. It’s a good point, and one that needs to be taken into consideration. That being said, pragmatically, the US itself is calling for a freeze on settlements, not an evacuation. […]

No surprises there. I’ll leave it mostly to my fellow TNC commenter, Emily Hauser. The settlement issue is, well, look at this map, via Sullivan: This has happened with direct aid from the United States. Look, it’s true that Palestine has blown chances at peace with more reasonable Israeli governments. But it’s worth considering that’s not […]

The New York Times should be ashamed of itself, and as wrong as Bill Kristol normally is on, well, everything, he should know better. Kristol published an op-ed today which describes, disturbingly accurately, a “conversation” with Sarah Palin, which somehow, manages to match up almost word for word with this week’s GOP talking points. Kristol […]

It’s On!!!


Kaine and Bayh elimated…. Is that the sound of Mitt Romney weeping?

Drudge reports that Obama will name his VP on Wednesday. As Matt Drudge is the bane of most liberals, I’d almost expect that Obama will go ahead and name him (and it will be a him) tomorrow instead; as he may not get enough news time if he does it Thursday. Word has it that […]