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Visitors of Drudge will recognize this one: Vaughn Ward got in trouble for not including a disclaimer on the ad about the military not endorsing a repeal of “Obamacare”– you know, the health care reform bill remarkably similar to “Romneycare.” (One wonders if the military will ever endorse their single payer system for all Americans). […]

*Sigh*. I guess it wasn’t that hard to notice the performances of Robben and Sneijder, after being sold from Madrid. Still, throw me a link, Didac!

“How’s that for Andrew Jackson-style leadership?” – Pat Buchanan on Obama’s reaction to the Arizona Immigration law.

Coates has managed to take advantage of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposal to honor Confederate History Month by dedicating a series of posts to the true legacy of the Confederacy. I remember a while back when Andrew Sullivan did the “It’s so Personal” posts on abortion, the Atlantic put all of the posts under one link. […]