Archive for April 11th, 2010

Watching this as a Chelsea fan, you just can’t help but hope the rumors are true. Luis Suarez just ain’t right. I know it’s Venlo (and their crappy train station deserves this), but this is just too easy.

Well, I have to give Twitter credit for improving transparency in reporting. This actually just goes to show how responsible a reporter Garrett is; if you’re not taking advantage of the apparent subsidy Prague gives for alcohol, you’re missing out on a dangerous amount of fun. Serious H/T to Jason Linkins

“When I first discovered YouTube, I did not work for 5 days”-Michael Scott I need not comment on the importance of YouTube, just emphasize its perpetual ability to impress. Found these videos of Phoenix performing live acoustic in studio. The sound is amazing. (On an asshole note, I really doubt MGMT could pull this off)