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This is actually kinda profound in a roundabout way: What is the most important event in our nation’s history? “In my opinion, Pearl Harbor which occurred on December 7, 1941 was the most significant event in our nation’s history because [long pause] because it ended the great depression and forced us into the World War […]

A Tampa man tries to light his father on fire with a makeshift blowtorch, fails

One of the things about the working world is that you get up early enough to see MTV and VH1 play videos. I’ve been caught this one for the second time today, and it does leave an impression; mostly that this video was made almost for kids who have grown up with Guitar Hero–notice the how […]

A really nice takedown by the Republican. It’s disturbing to see him get so much support, knowing the economic consequences of his ideology.



I’ve been trying to post this for almost a week.. long story [Bells Ringing] Four reels, sevens, across three $ jackpots. Do you have any idea what the odds are? It’s gotta be in the millions, maybe more. Three fuckin’ jackpots in minutes! Why didn’t you call me? It happened so quick. Three guys won. […]

Had to get these on record before the matches today— Manchester United over AC Milan, 2-1 Rooney at the double, Pato provides consolation for Rossonerri. Huntelaar’s audition for United does not end well Real Madrid over Lyon, 3-1. Ronaldo at the double here, and we’ll throw in a late one for, oh hell, why not, […]

Yup. I’d say this website provides further evidence to back that up. Some people also think you should continue to email someone who wants you to deliver a fridge up 67 flights of steps.

Death of Genres


Had what turned out to be a long comment on TNC’s post on Nas/Illmatic/Hip hop is dead. I always think I’ve lost some of my affection for music, but I still have the ability to ramble on about it: I guess I’ll start off by saying hip-hop isn’t my forte, and I’ve actually only really […]

He marries Palin, Jr.