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From Nature, a sociological development with a biological basis. A note: “WS” is Williams Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder that affects children. The primary symptom is that it causes them to have less fear, and to be overly friendly: The team showed 18 pictures to 20 children with and 20 without WS, all of […]

One may ask why, in the state of despair that America is currently in, that John McCain, member of the party that got us into this mess is now tied in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll. Believe me, I am one. While Gallup’s poll may show a strong indication that Canada’s population will grow by […]

Well, ok, maybe he is race-baiting. Hillary could have never done that as a president.

There has been an interesting understory in the news this week. It especially disappointing that it remains an understory, because in the face of exploiting another religious figure speaking about race bombastically, this story on black children adopted by white parents provides the perfect opportunity to have a meaningful discussion on race. It is literally […]