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In other news, Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Unfortunately, this had to happen at some point. Hitchens isn’t someone I often agree with, but he’s someone I love having around. Strangely, in the linked article, HuffPo suggests that he likely cause of the cancer was smoking. I’m sure it wasn’t helping, but from what […]



Ouch. Greenwald brings the heat on the Atlantic’s second most controversial blogger. I don’t know where my career is heading, but I really hope something like this never happens to me. Greenwald pulls no punches. You can’t even really say that Greenwald isn’t being realistic here, a critique that I find often fits with his […]



Damn, I haven’t posted for a while! There’s a story on that which may or may not be told (I think I may never issue a “guaranteed” post again), but some quick thoughts: Today was something special. The goal was one thing, and a very good one. However, what surpassed that to me was that […]

An aggressive ad from Harry Reid against his official GOP opponent, Sharron Angle. The tea party favorite managed to overcome Lowden, the favorite, in a primary. It’s hard to imagine what would be more politically viable, eliminating social security and Medicare, or negotiating health care costs with livestock. I actually would have gone with the […]

I’ve posted a similar performance before for PoliOlogy’s acoustic cafe, but I think this one tops it. The more I hear “1901,” I really think it’s one of the better pop songs of the last 20 years. It’s amazing that a song can about the way Paris was in 1901, and yet also used for […]

Palin 2.0


McCain might have gotten someone a little smarter this time. I hope she can keep away any one creepin’ trying to pull some op-research.

Mad Men


I’m very late to the game, but the first season is On Demand, so why not? About to watch episode three now. My sense so far is that it is a very good show; one of the reasons I avoided it at first is that I wasn’t sure what could really happen. This line of […]

I hadn’t made this connection before: Mostly I simply think that the disaster is reinforcing people’s frustration — an emotion that has become very widespread within the country, and which crosses most demographic and political boundaries. If that remains the prevailing mood of the country in November, the risks to the incumbent President and his […]