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“You’re a black guy in Boston. You’re already fucked”- The Departed has a reminder today that the South is not the only domain of the Confederacy. Peter Schworm chronicles the enduring legacy of Walpole High’s use of treasonous propaganda: Others agree the flag is offensive, at least to some. But they regard the Rebel […]

Which means PoliOlogy will be on the case as best as it can be. I’m going to try to see Palin on the Common, work schedule permitting. I have a feeling the Emersonians will do quite a number on her and the supporters, and can only hope we join Brown students in being fodder for […]

Just checked them out for lunch. They had a new style of chicken on the sample display. Peach with a smokey barbeque sauce. Pretty good, but I don’t know if I could handle a whole burrito of it. The down? The Beef Birria burrito I did order was very, very heavy on rice. All the […]

Noam Chomsky


I just got an interesting call from the Boston Globe…look for bad news about Chomsky, no other indication of anything yet though

Congrats to the Celtics in their well deserved win over the Lakers. The team of championship-less veterans fought hard, and it was never in doubt down the stretch. No one put more into the season than Kevin Garnett. That was certainly revealed in the post game. Here’s the video of what went down Slate had […]