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The more I realize Nicolle Wallace deserves a cackle of f*cking medals. As a former PoliComm major, amateur history buff, but mostly as a litmag editor, this is just appalling:

I was planning on doing a longer anti-Twitter post later tonight that I’ve been thinking about for a week. Of course, then the news breaks today that Twitter, does in fact, loosely have a plan to make money. For the record, I don’t think it will work. However, the business aspect is only one of […]

Seriously. What happened to Nico Pitney and the Green uprising? This is nonsense–a bunch of tweets almost randomly arranged on a page, no order, several columns, bleh. As if I needed another reason to be against Twitter. I guess the Google — China war won’t be televised, or effectively blogged by the most prominent liberal […]

Another alarm bell goes off on the Web 2.0 boom, this time, via a Bushie. Via the Daily Beast: Twitter is not a business. I know its founders would like to think it is. It is, for the most part, a diversion. It’s part of the web 2.0 nonsense that believes if you build anything, […]