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From Nature, a sociological development with a biological basis. A note: “WS” is Williams Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder that affects children. The primary symptom is that it causes them to have less fear, and to be overly friendly: The team showed 18 pictures to 20 children with and 20 without WS, all of […]

Naturally, I chose to be busy during the not-so thrilling conclusion of the Democratic Primary, so apologies for not live blogging the “cracking of the glass ceiling.” Biggest Story: After somewhere between 16 months and arguably 50 some-odd years, Hillary Clinton has conceded that she will not be the Democratic nominee in 2008. If you’ve […]

It’s clear now that Obama is the nominee, and it even seems like Clinton at least knows that internally. I never wanted to be the type of person that was a Hillary-hater before this campaign, but her actions dictated to me that I had no other choice. Still, I must say I long a bit […]

There has been an interesting understory in the news this week. It especially disappointing that it remains an understory, because in the face of exploiting another religious figure speaking about race bombastically, this story on black children adopted by white parents provides the perfect opportunity to have a meaningful discussion on race. It is literally […]

On my lunch break at work the other day, I came upon shocking news. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 thinks the government administers AIDS, and thus hates white people. I know, take a minute. As just stated, I was on my lunch break. I had my iPod on shuffle, and on came Kanye West’s song […]