Alright, One Regret…


It’s clear now that Obama is the nominee, and it even seems like Clinton at least knows that internally. I never wanted to be the type of person that was a Hillary-hater before this campaign, but her actions dictated to me that I had no other choice. Still, I must say I long a bit for what the early-90s Hillary would have said when presented with something the XX factor has commented on:

Worse, all this hardball was occasionally interrupted by cynical, strategic cries of sexism. It’s indubitable that sexism infected the campaign, and the media’s coverage. Of course, there’s a double standard when it comes to men and women in politics—”the tyranny of high expectations,” as Elizabeth Kolbert puts it in Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary, a recent anthology. John McCain can call his wife a “cunt” in the earshot of reporters and get little blowback, yet Clinton can’t change her hair without being called untrustworthy.

First of all, let me say that I think we all agree that it is for the best that Hillary has moved on from many of her hairstyles.  And to touch on the Meghan O’Rourke’s point about sexism infecting the campaign, well Obama didn’t put it there. Matthews certainly, Olbermann maybe, but certainly not Obama, and certainly not in the way she has used implicit racism against him.

But the real question: What kind of beating would Hillary have unloaded on McCain for calling his wife a cunt?  Vietnam flash back worthy? Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to see Michelle commence with the whoopin. And hey, a different Hillary may not have done anything; apparently a husband disrespecting his wife doesn’t bother certain versions of her.

One Response to “Alright, One Regret…”

  1. 1 Laura

    Bill Clinton respected his wife so much throughout most of their marriage that he gave her what she asked for, a child, and then by all accounts left her alone. Just imagine Hill’s face, “A cigar in my what?!”

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