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[clearspring_widget title=”Obama Tax Calculator Widget” wid=”48f203eebb67a86f” pid=”49067f4e97ac69db” width=”190″ height=”510″ domain=””] The useful tool your using above could represent a new level of transparency in government thanks to technology. I’ll be honest, this thing could really backfire on Obama, but I am impressed by both its invention and the statement it makes.

Take the job of US Attorney General.

Nora O’Donnell just hosted RNC chairman Mike Duncan on MSNBC live, primarily to discuss the issue of Sarah Palin’s clothing. The interview was a demonstration in why the Republican party will lose so badly 8 days from now. Rather than try to somehow refute the charge that the clothing costs that much (the news is […]



With McCain now groveling to Pennsylvanians to keep him at all alive in this race, all I have to say is man, I love being right. Sullivan suggests there isn’t enough gay activism on Prop 8…For those who don’t know, Prop 8 is an attempt to reverse the California Supreme Court decision that allows gay marriage. Regardless of Sullivan’s opinion on this (Ellen has done commendable work to fight it for example), it is an important issue that is polling […]

Just days after Matt Drudge posted a headline that read “Obama 4.8,” a headline that lasted less than 2 hours–As if to say this was now close race, Drudge doesn’t like polls anymore. The conservatve leaning Zogby poll just posted its latest numbers, showing Obama up 10. But apparently, to Drudge this story is still […]

then the next 27 days will have been truly bizarre

The New York Times should be ashamed of itself, and as wrong as Bill Kristol normally is on, well, everything, he should know better. Kristol published an op-ed today which describes, disturbingly accurately, a “conversation” with Sarah Palin, which somehow, manages to match up almost word for word with this week’s GOP talking points. Kristol […]