“Developing” My Ass, Drudge


Just days after Matt Drudge posted a headline that read “Obama 4.8,” a headline that lasted less than 2 hours–As if to say this was now close race, Drudge doesn’t like polls anymore. The conservatve leaning Zogby poll just posted its latest numbers, showing Obama up 10. But apparently, to Drudge this story is still “developing” and he can’t seem to find a link to the story. A link to the story, that I, journalistic minnow, found after searching Google News.

It’s one thing to be slanted. I, obviously, am slanted. And I do give Drudge credit for his shaping of the news (although he hasn’t produced anything relevant in recent years, and its a wonder people still look to him as a top conservative source). But I was never bitter enough about numbers to deny their existence.

One Response to ““Developing” My Ass, Drudge”

  1. where’s the poll?!
    [the WP poll]
    i found yr blog with the tag ‘poll’
    i’m playing with them – have realised one needs a v creative mind to come up with something thats not boaring and i’m afraid mine are booooooarrrrrrring! except one maybe

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