Bill Kristol Insults Journalists, Pundits, Truth, Media, Out of Work Writers, the Presidential Race…


The New York Times should be ashamed of itself, and as wrong as Bill Kristol normally is on, well, everything, he should know better.

Kristol published an op-ed today which describes, disturbingly accurately, a “conversation” with Sarah Palin, which somehow, manages to match up almost word for word with this week’s GOP talking points. Kristol again calls her a “hockey mom,” and adds to that “military mom”–something which Palin has proclaimed since the start of the campaign, despite the fact that only 36% of women with close relatives (i.e. sons/husbands) approve of Bush’s handling of the war. And more military families believe Democrats would do a better job with the military than Republicans

Kristol goes on in vain. Citing the “success of the VP debate” (which a CBS poll of undecideds found Biden winning 41-23), Kristol wants another. Then again, after eight years of George W. Bush, I could see why Bill Kristol considered Palin’s ability to at least form sentences to be a success. Palin turns Kristol into a man of words and offered action, convincing him to write this paragraph, designed to piss all Democrats and liberals off:

And, really, shouldn’t the public get the benefit of another Biden-Palin debate, or even two? If there’s difficulty finding a moderator, I’ll be glad to volunteer.

He’s just trying to get a rise out of me, and so I’ll restrain any response here.

Kristol goes on to introduce the latest GOP strategy–call a Obama a Muslim terrorist with a radical Christian preacher. That strategy didn’t work once, and it won’t work again. Say what you will about Hillary Clinton, but at least it was original then. Oh, and Hillary wasn’t on any tapes like this:

Kristol laid out the GOP strategy in the New York Times in an op-ed. Ethically speaking, this type of thing couldn’t happen at the Berkeley Beacon, let alone should it be allowed to happen at the biggest newspaper in the world. Even conservative publications (such as Kristol’s Weekly Standard) do not simply pimp out actual strategies; even opinion journalism is analytical, and there is nothing to be found on that strategy here. Why do you think its good to go down this road, Bill? Do Obama’s associations actually bother you, and if so, why? Is it based on any fact?

It’s pathetically obvious the Times hired Kristol to make money. Except that it didn’t. The Newspaper business is going down, and the hiring of Kristol didn’t do anything to stop the 500 jobs that the New York Times had to cut a couple of weeks ago. So if he isn’t there to make money, why put up with this? Clark Hoyt, the public editor of the Times famously disagreed with the decision in this column, also quoting Nicholas Von Hoffman on the hiring of the creative conservative (that’s about as much as I’ll give him) William Safire:

“The Times could have saved themselves about 50 grand a year if they just sent an office boy over to the White House to pick up the press releases”

Exchange “50 grand” for “150 grand” and “White House” for “McCain/Palin Campaign.” Yeah, see what I mean.

To think of the thousands of journalism students working hard and paying tuition with expensive, unregulated loans, I only hope they some how don’t read this. Personally, I don’t see how the Times rationalizes publishing Kristol’s lies. There’s a prior restraint issue here; if Kristol were to actually write an article, analyzing, making his own conclusions, maybe even be at least vaguely creative, fine, let him write. But he hasn’t done that.

Also, did anyone mention that William Ayers, the so-called terrorist never killed anyone? Did anyone mention the McCain campaign now being involved with two anti-Semetic preachers? Oh, and the remarkably relevant Keating Five scandal?

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