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Off to NYC


Always think of this song in connection to the city. YouTube hilariously auto-completes “Jesus Says” with “Obama is the anti-christ”

It’s Both


Through the Wire, reactions to Prince of Persia: ‘Insulting’ The blogger Jehanzeb Dar, who writes at Muslim Reverie, told the Associated Press that Gyllenhaal’s casting is “not only insulting to Persians, it’s also insulting to white people. It’s saying white people can’t enjoy movies unless the protagonist is white.” (Dar later contacted the Wire to clarify that […]

The above formula details the likely success of a penalty kick. I hate to admit this, but this sort of thing probably would have really helped me in math. More than that though, the penalty formula is, strangely, one of the reasons I can appreciate sports even more now though. With the vast success of […]

Heh, I’m not sure why the GOP didn’t just let him win in Tennessee. He’s got a piece up at HuffPo where he’s repeatedly schooled by HuffPo commenters. Let that one sink in. The growth of the Internet ecosystem relies on continued private investment. For the past decade, a stable market atmosphere has prospered under […]

Now does this look like a guy who’d “break your fucking neck, homeboy?”

US Morality


This poll was somewhat shocking to me. I assumed that in the last decade it was a significant minority that kept anti-gay legislation on the agenda, but most of the country had apparently had their back. I think this says something about the people I’m around, but also my generation in general. This just won’t […]

Megansigh: This weekend, I had a conversation with someone non-crazy who thinks there is a not-insignificant chance that the Supreme Court will overturn health care reform, or at least the individual mandate (it’s not clear what happens to the rest of the law if the mandate goes down; there’s some possibility that this would invalidate […]

“You’re a black guy in Boston. You’re already fucked”- The Departed has a reminder today that the South is not the only domain of the Confederacy. Peter Schworm chronicles the enduring legacy of Walpole High’s use of treasonous propaganda: Others agree the flag is offensive, at least to some. But they regard the Rebel […]


Dead Heat


I made a custom poll from Pollster here for a congressional generic ballot. For those not wanting to click over, it’s essentially a tie right now; Dem’s 45.6%, GOP 45.4%. Basically, I removed all polls with a clear bias, plus Rasmussen. I’m not sure about the decision to exclude Rasmussen. On the one hand, there […]