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It is of course true that I’m “complaining about McDonald’s with a mouthful of french fries.” That said, I don’t know, something in recent weeks made me jump back. Maybe it’s how I saw it affecting my own writing on other threads; in any case, it’s impossible to really prove anything here. I think a […]

I’m blogging a lot less now as I’ve been in the middle of apartment searching and whatnot, but I wanted to take a quick moment to discuss some of the things going on over at the Atlantic, which is where most people reading this blog probably know me from…unless people are still reading from Facebook, […]

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Apparently, this Mark Williams letter was supposed to be satire. Words fail.

I’ve been feeling alienated from politics recently, and a faux controversy like the one Fox produced on the NBPP is one of the reasons. It just seems so tired. Dave Weigel is guest blogging for Sullivan this week, and he’s weighed in. The top part is him quoting an exchange between Sean Hannity and Malik […]

A sigh inducing passage from Josh Levin: A large part of Michael Jordan’s legend stems from the fact that he won six titles with Scottie Pippen and a bunch of role players. Magic Johnson, by contrast, is probably underrated because he won all of his titles with loaded Lakers teams. Anyone who watched basketball in […]