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Please read Nora Ephron’s op-ed on the Huffington Post. If you aren’t inclined to read any further, I thought Obama really, really blew it. If you are: There was a moment, when the debate ended and the wives came up on stage, where I actually knew, or thought I knew, who had won. I’m sorry […]

Self-explanatory. Here goes. 1. First 5 minutes–Normally this is the most boring part of the process, but this is certainly no ordinary debate. Will the moderators openly say they will allow more than foreign policy/national security to be discussed? The candidates will anyway. 2. McCain shows up; but there’s no deal done–I know it is […]

This is one hell of a tricky “elbow in the paint”: From Kausfiles: Light This Candle! Obama’s new Spanish-language ad uses some out-of-context Limbaugh quotes to give the impression that McCain is anti-Latino. Jennifer Rubin says: Plainly, Obama is testing what the market for his negativity and non-New Politics will bear, daring McCain to go negative. Or […]

John McCain and Sarah Palin have fired off more mini-anyeurisms in my brain than I’d ever like to mention to Joe Biden. Everytime I think I am at the peak of my outrage, one of the two comes out and says something so completely ridiculous that I think it has to end the race. Palin […]

First let me say this: I don’t think anybody is happy about Tom Brady’s torn ACL, not their competitors, certainly not their fans. He is arguably the best quarterback of all time; and no doubt whoever wins the Super Bowl this year will have to live with the fact that they did it without the […] So Fred Thompson made his wife fly coach. Good theme; keeping the woman in line, behind the old white guy. I wonder if Fred Thompson’s wife will turn down offers to do Meet The Press too. American Pie star Jason Biggs is desperate to start a family…   What?! A Pie-Man family?!!

While I was freaking out over the closing of the FIFA transfer window (a matter which cannot be discussed, as a proper entry on the matter would get me arrested if I went to England and came within 100 yards of Peter Kenyon), the rest of the media was freaking out about Sarah Palin’s pregnant […]