Interesting Take from Sullivan on Prop 8


Sullivan suggests there isn’t enough gay activism on Prop 8…For those who don’t know, Prop 8 is an attempt to reverse the California Supreme Court decision that allows gay marriage. Regardless of Sullivan’s opinion on this (Ellen has done commendable work to fight it for example), it is an important issue that is polling closer and closer. That’s thanks to Mormon money. People who think God gave a conman translations to messages on gold plates, but don’t believe in giving everyone their constitutionally guaranteed equal rights. Please donate help fight this. $10 will make a difference…I don’t have a lot of money but that’s the amount I gave. For those who think this won’t make a difference, well there’s a guy who has put together a record fundraising machine on this notion who is about to be president.

Fight for equality here

One Response to “Interesting Take from Sullivan on Prop 8”

  1. It boggles my mind that no one is SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS:

    “It is NOT acceptable to have a fundamental right UP FOR A VOTE.”

    “It is NOT acceptable to have FUNDRAISERS to either PURCHASE a civil right OR to EXCLUDE American families FROM a civil right.”

    “Children are hurt by Marriage Inequality.”

    (the Christian Right thinks their children will be “traumatized” when faced with the REALITY of the existence of LGBT families; they have no idea what cruel traumas their family COULD experience if they lacked the rights & protections of civil marriage).

    Oh yeah, and also “No Taxation Will Happen UNTIL Representation”.

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