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I keep getting criticism on this post I had almost two years back now on the Kanye West song “Heard ‘Em Say.” Most of this criticism revolves around the idea that I seriously think Adam Levine hates white people–a group in which he’s included–and that he believes a that the government actually distributed the AIDS […]

We’ve passed the 20,000 mark. At this point I feel the obligation to say that for anyone who think Celebrity drug addicts only think about themselves and that professionally athletes are pampered brats, I say, the hell with you. Because Amy Winehouse and Andriy Shevchenko have brought more people to this blog than even Adam […]

On my lunch break at work the other day, I came upon shocking news. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 thinks the government administers AIDS, and thus hates white people. I know, take a minute. As just stated, I was on my lunch break. I had my iPod on shuffle, and on came Kanye West’s song […]