Boycott Maroon 5! Adam Levine sang in that studio for 2 hours!


Hate MongerLead Hate Monger

On my lunch break at work the other day, I came upon shocking news. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 thinks the government administers AIDS, and thus hates white people. I know, take a minute.

As just stated, I was on my lunch break. I had my iPod on shuffle, and on came Kanye West’s song “Heard ’em Say” which features Levine on backing vocals. Not wanting to pay attention to my Quarter Pounder, and finding my crossword difficult, my mind must have decided to concentrate on the music. Then I heard the tell tale lines:

And I know the goverment administered AIDS,
So I guess we just pray like the minister say

Now no, Mr. Levine did not actually sing that lyric, it was actually head hate monger in charge, Mr. West. That’s not the point though, Mr. Levine knew darn well what track he was singing on! Almost more disturbing is the second line quoted: “the minister”?! Kanye West is from Chicago, also home of renowned racist and white person boogeyman, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. These two are actually foot soldiers of his!

I have to say I expected this out of Kanye. After, he said George Bush doesn’t care about black people, which actually made us examine and criticize our government, instead of blindly praising them as heroes. But to see a white person confess his hate for white people, its just chilling.


In all seriousness, its pretty sad that this double standard hasn’t been pointed out before. For the record, there are many reasons to boycott Maroon 5 (I read an dead on description of their music recently on Slate: “Elevator Music from Hell”), but this isn’t one of them.

I don’t really believe the government administered AIDS to people, but I do believe that AIDS prevention programs and the search for a cure is underfunded and largely ignored by our government. And when candidate/comedian Gov. Mike Huckabee was found to have made ludicrous statements regarding AIDS that he refused to retract; there was a clamor for a few days, but not much else. And in Huckabee, we had by far the most religious candidate in the field.

Wright’s AIDS claim was really the only thing he got wrong (we can’t even really prove it wrong, just that such an idea is so nefarious that we believe not even our government would proceed with it). White people (a group of which I sometimes feel as much a part of as Michael Moore is to the NRA) seem to not want to swallow the bitter pill of truth, feel the sting of the sodium pentathol needle, or whatever truth/drug metaphor you can think of. Fact is, this country is controlled by white people who are often ignorant of racial stigmas and standards, and act accordingly, never solving any problems. Sean Bell’s death is the tragic proof. This article states that only 14 CEOS of Fortune 500 companies are minorities.

Some other things that Wright said that were “shocking and inaccurate?” Not so shocking or inaccurate.

The government sold crack to black people to keep them down? Yup. Not only that, it was W.’s other hero, Reagan, that did it.

The government was controlled by the KKK? An incomplete, but still damning account here.

Our foreign policy is to blame for 9/11?—too easy. We are embedded in the Middle East and an Ally of Israel. Say what you will about Israel, but you can’t say our alliance with them endears us to the rest of the Middle East.

The nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has largely been acknowledge as a symbolic gesture to the USSR, and as a way of testing the two bombs. The war was over. It was 1945. The amount of lives lost there mean more than a symbolic gesture ever has.

Oh, and speaking of WWII, how about the American Holocaust? Hell, we even had the balls to make a law on that one. We even have our own little Israel’s scattered across the country

The question now, when will this information stop shocking people?

PS “Here’s Heard ’em Say,” the line is about 27 seconds in or so.

9 Responses to “Boycott Maroon 5! Adam Levine sang in that studio for 2 hours!”

  1. 1 Laura

    Kanye either passes or fails on everything, from concerts, to albums, to racism, and this is definitely a pass!

  2. 2 SK

    You have misinterpreted the lyrics. It is not AIDS, as in the disease. It is government aid as in welfare, food stamps and other government subsidies.

  3. oh dear…..
    it’s staggering the ignorance that abounds and the utter certainty to things like non starter creationism i’ve heard that 45% of americans do not believe in evolution! mcains vice president paylin? is one of them! they believe that the planet is 6 thousand yrs old or is that the universe!!
    you have to laugh and really think how to connect with a mind that refuses to be open to other possibilities
    galileo gallilei the italian in the15 century was nearly imprisoned for life by the pope unless he signed a document stating that his book was not saying that the earth moved around the sun! it took 200 yrs before his book was unbanned!
    Copernicus i think was hung drawn and quartered for suggesting that the earth was not the centre of the universe – as they believed it was the sun was – wikipedia will give the facts! Mine are a tad vague but the gist is correct!!

  4. 4 Nicole

    “Wow” is all I have to say. You are so clearly full of bullshit. I don’t believe for a second that “Adam Levine of Maroon 5 thinks the government administers AIDS, and thus hates white people.” So why don’t you “take a minute” to actually get your facts straight before you start telling people to boycott Maroon 5 and their so-called “Elevator Music from Hell”. Have you ever tried listening to it? You might be surprised to find that their music is quite good and all the members in the band—yes, even Adam—are extremely talented individuals. And if you bothered to look up any of their lyrics, you would find that there is not a single line that mentions and/or hints at any of the ludicrous ideals you claim they (or at least Adam) believe in. So next time, I highly suggest you keep your little lunchtime epiphanies to yourself because I know no one appreciates your outlandish opinions about Maroon 5 and your ridiculous “facts” about Adam Levine.

  5. 5 poliology

    hahahaoh nicole why don’t you get your facts straight?

       /ˈsɑrkæzəm/ [sahr-kaz-uhm]
    1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
    2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

  6. 6 Ani Quinn

    The government did administer AIDS and I’m white. George Bush sucks and I’m white.
    I voted for Obama and I’m white.

  7. 7 RaiulBaztepo

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  9. 9 Graziela

    I agree with Nicole.

    People can choose every kind of political POV they wants. Isn’t America the “land of freedom”, or something (stupid) like that?

    Well, I’m brazillian, 21-years-old, and I think that your government (not you, mr. Obama) sucks. Always did.

    “Adam Levine of Maroon 5 thinks the government administers AIDS, and thus hates white people.” What makes you able to say it ’bout him? He hates white people, really… So, why hell is he in a band with 4 other white(st) guys? Why he sing with white people, play his musics live to white people, and date a lot of white girls?

    Has Adam ever wrote a lirycal about black, white, latin, japanese or whatever? He didn’t, and I can say it because I know his songs.

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