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I’m just going to leave you all with two songs for the night, inspired by TNC + Co. The first is Smashing Pumpkins’ “Perfect” Got a little vicious over defending their first incarnation today in the open thread. It’s truly sad what’s happened to Billy Corgan over the last ten years. Well, it is for […]

They also were on that episode of Jools. I think they are trying to be like a better looking version of the Smashing Pumpkins. I’m sure someone must have made this comparison already, so pardon me for no longer being able to tolerate music media. Also Silversun Pickups? SP? I admit to being turned off […]

Death of Genres


Had what turned out to be a long comment on TNC’s post on Nas/Illmatic/Hip hop is dead. I always think I’ve lost some of my affection for music, but I still have the ability to ramble on about it: I guess I’ll start off by saying hip-hop isn’t my forte, and I’ve actually only really […]