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Megansigh: This weekend, I had a conversation with someone non-crazy who thinks there is a not-insignificant chance that the Supreme Court will overturn health care reform, or at least the individual mandate (it’s not clear what happens to the rest of the law if the mandate goes down; there’s some possibility that this would invalidate […]

There’s going to be many tributes coming, but I have to say it will be interesting to see how Carlin’s death is handled. As Carlin was a staunch atheist, we can only hope that people will respect him and his beliefs enough not to say “he’s looking down on us now,” or “he’s happy now.” […]

Huffington Post is pushing a story today from Hotline blog that may provide the answer for how to get Hillary to stop drop out. It’s something that has occurred to me before, but when I mentioned it to someone knowledgable on politics, they said it could never work. Well, maybe it can: As Hillary Rodham […]