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These never get old, and this one is actually really well done. I just love that something can be translated as both “At least we still have Kalou” and “they’ll never take away our government-funded Viagra”

The first of a couple posts tonight First, a semi-custom poll from yours truly via Pollster (I’m temporarily giving up on how to embed that). It’s just about a 5 point gap, which is near the margin of error. I removed all clearly biased polls on both sides. The only controversial removal I made was Rasmussen, […]

*Sigh* This ad (for Lowden, essentially) is just as stupid as the one I just posted. I’ll even, just for the hell of it, forgive the anti-bailout rhetoric. It mentions our paychecks are shrinking, implying a tax increase, when there has only been tax cuts, specifically targeted towards the middle class. It fails to mention we […]



I’ve been trying to post this for almost a week.. long story [Bells Ringing] Four reels, sevens, across three $ jackpots. Do you have any idea what the odds are? It’s gotta be in the millions, maybe more. Three fuckin’ jackpots in minutes! Why didn’t you call me? It happened so quick. Three guys won. […]

Yup. I’d say this website provides further evidence to back that up. Some people also think you should continue to email someone who wants you to deliver a fridge up 67 flights of steps.