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There’s going to be many tributes coming, but I have to say it will be interesting to see how Carlin’s death is handled. As Carlin was a staunch atheist, we can only hope that people will respect him and his beliefs enough not to say “he’s looking down on us now,” or “he’s happy now.” […]

Scott McClellan thought he was all cool or something this week, when he was all over cable TV promoting his groundbreaking book, What Happened. McClellan may even get to testify before congress based on the not-so-stunning revelation that the Bush administration did some really fucked up shit. Sorry, I sound bitter, but that bastard stole […]

John McCain made an appearance on SNL this weekend, which is starting to seem more and more like a drunken Meet the Press dress rehearsal. First of all, upon Seth Meyers announcing his arrival, the audience cheered. What. The. F. This is a show that is supposed to be watched by young, hip people (who […]