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In other news, Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Unfortunately, this had to happen at some point. Hitchens isn’t someone I often agree with, but he’s someone I love having around. Strangely, in the linked article, HuffPo suggests that he likely cause of the cancer was smoking. I’m sure it wasn’t helping, but from what […]

Cheers all, I must admit that, as I said in my first ever post for Poliology, I did have some selfish reasons for starting this blog. Perhaps my Emerson education has brought out my need to communicate, perhaps its only brought out or developed my arrogance, but regardless of my motivation, I was extremely curious […]

Guest Post Laura Crawford Multiple blog commentator. Whose Life Are You Ruining Now Lance Armstrong? Cancer Survivor, Seven Time Tour De France Winner, Father, Energy Drink Hocker, and Ruiner of Lives. Yes, Lance Armstrong is all of those things. During his time in the limelight Lance has ruined the lives of many people. Despite the […]