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It was a strange, and certainly ground breaking Special Comment on Countdown last night. Olbermann devoted it to criticizing Barack Obama over his support for the FISA bill. OIbermann’s first criticism was that the Republicans are going to criticize Obama for being soft on terror regardless of his vote on FISA. That may be true, […]

The Huffington Post’s big headline this afternoon is how the “netroots” movement is drifting away from Obama, or Obama is drifting away from them–Uh basically, what you need to know is that Democrats are aiming yet another loaded gun at their foot right now. Maybe it’s actually an automatic rifle. Why is the left coming […]

Over the weekend, we learned that Harold Ickes is willing to go to the convention for Hillary, where he maintains the DNC will somehow change their mind about the fact that they are going with Obama, and have in fact already voted on it. We also learned that Tatum O’Neal got busted trying to score […]