14th Amendment and “Anchor Babies”


The crazy will not end. Anyways, even if this were a real trend, my view is simple: If you are willing to have your genitals forcibly ripped open for which you’ll likely be receiving poor health care, only for a creature to pop out,that will suck thousands of dollars from your bank account over a lifetime,  just to be an American citizen…you can stay. Hell, when shit goes down, I want you on our side.

One Response to “14th Amendment and “Anchor Babies””

  1. I’ve been going on about this all over the internets, but I must carry on:

    I am just incensed that it is considered more scandalous to be a garden-variety crooked politician (aka Rangal) than it is to suggest RIPPING APART THE MOTHERFUCKING CONSTITUTION!!1!

    For the love of Moses in the damn bullrushes, every single one of those lawmakers will come and go, but the Constitution IS this country. It really is! We are not America without it! What the hell are they trying to protect here?!

    Sigh. They neither listen to me, nor take my calls.

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