Read This


Apparently, this Mark Williams letter was supposed to be satire. Words fail.

2 Responses to “Read This”

  1. 1 Mark Galinsky

    Mark Williams- “My words were taken out of context”

  2. Dan, my friend, please forgive the shameless threadjack, but I am considering starting a wee alternative to TNC’s open thread and a) wanted to let you know and b) wanted to let those who follow you know and c) wanted to elicit your thoughts on the matter. I’ll be leaving similar comments all over the TNC webring.

    If you do want to share your thoughts on the idea, here’s my post about it:

    (Also, thought I’d add: I’m not sure what good it does that the Tea Party kicked Mark Williams out over this. I think it allows them to obscure what they’re on about for just that much longer. Sigh.)

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