Damn, I haven’t posted for a while! There’s a story on that which may or may not be told (I think I may never issue a “guaranteed” post again), but some quick thoughts:

  • Today was something special. The goal was one thing, and a very good one. However, what surpassed that to me was that almost of my facebook friends were posting stati in support of the team. Everyone my age was watching, and that’s a good sign for the game in America. I watch Maurice Edu, Michael Bradley, and Jozy Altidore come along, all people around my age, and they are just that much better than the previous generation. Donovan’s goal was brilliant, and his performance thus far has been nearly flawless. He seems to finally have found his position on that right flank, and his delivery has been stellar; that said, the aforementioned trio all have a European pedigree, plying their trades with Rangers, Heerenven, and Hull/Villarreal respectively. I don’t know if the MLS will ever really take off, but I do know that the national team will continue to get better.
  • Unrelated, it’s crazy to see the folks over at the Corner praising Obama for the appointment of Petraeus in place of McChrystal. Perhaps it’s a show of solidarity on a great day for America, but it’s hard to say. To be honest, I think that Petraeus seems the more intelligent man, one who didn’t have to be converted to COIN. I can certainly tell you that if this were a presidential election, I’d rather have a beer with Petraeus.
  • Related; as many have observed, it’s so hard to see what McChrystal was thinking while talking to Rolling Stone. This is a magazine that famously claimed the 2004 election was stolen, a story which most of the mainstream media (don’t you gag every time you read that phrase?) wouldn’t touch. I posted a Facebook status that McChrystal went sort of, well, Office Space. I suppose it’s possible that McChrystal didn’t know what he was doing, though I believe that explanation unlikely. There’s only two ways to look at this: He believed that he could put pressure on Obama, and Obama would back down or he just didn’t want his job anymore. Neither are particularly reassuring.
  • I haven’t said anything about the BP Spill. I guess if I were a professional journalist, this would be reprehensible. I don’t think it is. I’m having a hard time coming around to the belief that people are genuinely outraged at BP. Well, that’s the wrong way to say that: it’s incredibly frustrating to see a public that so quickly turns on offshore drilling and Wall St., two things that were held sacred before they ever fucked up. But they didn’t really fuck up. Their risks are inherent, and we refused to see them. We drive ourselves into a blind rage when we finally do see consequences. To quote the great Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park), “I hate being right all the time.” In the wake of ecological disaster, liberals were proven right in their concerns on off-shore drilling. They were proven right about regulating Wall St., right about the Iraq War, right about the response to Katrina, and right about the stimulus. And yet, we can’t dare take credit for these victories. That’d be partisan.

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