Nate Silver on The Spill


I hadn’t made this connection before:

Mostly I simply think that the disaster is reinforcing people’s frustration — an emotion that has become very widespread within the country, and which crosses most demographic and political boundaries. If that remains the prevailing mood of the country in November, the risks to the incumbent President and his incumbent party are mostly to the downside.

I’d actually take this a little further—this is dangerously pundit-ish territory, but I’d say the spill and the public’s reaction to it is a metaphor for how the economy. A big corporation throws the world into crisis through negligent action, and now we don’t know how to stop the bleeding. But it’s bigger than that—it goes beyond not knowing, because there are no good options. We have a large base of non-college educated workers who may never find work again, both because construction has stalled, and inevitable globalization makes it so they cannot compete in manufacturing.

Obama may not know what to do, but I don’t know who does. There’s no way to just create a new economy, as there seems to be no way to effectively solve the oil crisis.


And bonus, because I refuse to give this a full post—Here’s Sarah Palin doubling down on drilling, insulting liberals in the process. I think this is the first time she’s subject to real media scrutiny, because her words here are just asinine. I don’t like writing about her, but I have a feeling this may be significant:

Taken seriously, this is probably the dumbest thing Sarah Palin has said. But it’s theatre, and attacks no longer need substance, so why not?

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