Harold Ford, Jr. Tried to Run for Senate as a Democrat


Heh, I’m not sure why the GOP didn’t just let him win in Tennessee. He’s got a piece up at HuffPo where he’s repeatedly schooled by HuffPo commenters. Let that one sink in.

The growth of the Internet ecosystem relies on continued private investment. For the past decade, a stable market atmosphere has prospered under the “light regulatory touch” of the original classification of broadband under Title I of the Communications Act. This has allowed companies — both the operating companies and investment firms — to make reasoned judgments on how and where to invest and innovate. We are talking about sophisticated investors helping provide funding to build wired and wireless networks which now reach 95 percent of the American public. It was this confidence in the FCC to work in partnership with consumers and with providers which investors in the private sector saw as a reason to invest in broadband companies, judging their prospects to earn a reasonable rate of return were justified. All that is about to change. From my experience in Congress and judging by the opinions from market analysts from around the country, this move by the FCC to classify broadband as a Title II “telecommunications service” will create massive uncertainty for investors….

Broadband for America’s mission is to increase the deployment and adoption of broadband throughout America, a goal the FCC has stated is its top priority. By proposing new regulatory policies that will immediately create long-term uncertainty in the marketplace, the FCC will complicate our goal of universal access and adoption.

The FCC needs to look no further than the example of the policies promoted under President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush, which increased private investment in the pursuit of broadband deployment and adoption. That example merits following again.

Curiously omitted from the piece is the phrase “Net Neutrality” which Adam and I sparred on a while back, which is understandable, because he’s a conservative who I doubt would ever vote for a Democrat.

But Harold Ford, Jr. just came back from trying to primary the relatively conservative Dem Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand from the left. In the process, he awkwardly changed his position on abortion and gun rights, despite videotaped evidence of his previous positions. In general, he seemed to be running on the idea that he was a somewhat famous black politician who once was race-baited by his GOP opponent. He struggled to explain why he was running in New York when he lived there less than a year. Problems arose when it turned out his best connection to New York was through Merrill Lynch and Wall St.

Let’s temporarily ignore that Ford is largely making stuff up in the post (America lags behind in broadband access, and there is no uncertainty about what the FCC is trying to do: provide net neutrality), but how dumb does Ford think we are really? That if he just omits the buzzphrase, people won’t catch on?

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