Oh Man I’m Admirably Quoting a Republican


But you know, credit where it’s due. I can see why we call you one of the good ones, Reihan:

Yet over the subsequent seasons, culminating in the brilliant TV movie Is It College Yet?Daria became something different. Rather than worship its all-knowing alternateen protagonists, the series humbled them, persuading them to let their guard down, open themselves to new experiences, and question their gut instincts. In the process, Daria became the greatest work of young adult fiction since the cave paintings at Lascaux.

I’m a little more than halfway through the boxset, and I’ll probably have a long post on Daria at some point. But this is basically perfect. Part of the reason I have so much ire towards Ghostworld is that it set out to do what Daria did–but that’s not possible in a two hour movie, and the heroines are much less likable than Daria and Jane.

One more note–I deeply suspected that the reason I got the boxset so quickly was out of pure nostalgia. But as it turns out, the show is making me laugh as much–if not more–than it originally did. This isn’t just about me relating to the protagonist, the show is genius. I relate to Michael Bluth, too, but no one questioned my love of Arrested Development on that basis.

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