Because One Person Said It, It’s Progressive



Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Face the Nation yesterday seemed to be saying that he favors a national ID card. He seems to be saying the same thing here.

Here’s what I don’t get. What is the point of having a national ID card if it amounts to Gestapo tactics for anyone from the government to ask to see it? I mean, aren’t both perfectly obvious examples of asking for someone’s “papers”? What on earth is the difference between an ID card and a Social Security or Green Card in this context?

Rudy Giuliani, Republican candidate for president, famously made a “tamper-proof national ID card” a center piece of his immigration policy. Furthermore, I’ve certainly noticed a lot more heat on the Arizona law coming from liberals. If conservatives are against it, great, they should be. It’s an unfair use of government power. For the record, I actually agree with Goldberg’s reasoning in the second paragraph.

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