Shuster Likely Out


He’s already been suspended, but I don’t know how he comes back from this. Via Mediaite [Ed’s note: *gag*]

The only public statement about David Shuster’s suspension from MSNBC was five words from a spokesperson.

But Mediaite has obtained an email from MSNBC President Phil Griffin to an angry fan, explaining in slightly more, and much harsher, detail the reason for Shuster’s indefinite suspension.

Here’s the full email from Griffin, sent last night to a fan:

From: Griffin, Phil (NBC Universal)
Sent: Wed 4/07/10 11:16 PM

Sorry, but this is a business and I need team players. He was not moral, ethical or professional and that is not fair to the 500 people who work at msnbc.

Thanks for your note,

This was meant to be a private correspondence, but it is interesting to see the President of a network so freely respond to someone who was upset about a host’s punishment.

In case you missed it, Shuster apparently shot a pilot for CNN, which would REALLY help their ratings [/sarcasm].

I just never got the appeal of him. He lacks the vocabulary that makes Olbermann mildly forgivable, and he doesn’t have the sense of humor and intellect that saw Rachel Maddow skyrocket through the ranks to the point where her name was mentioned to host Meet the Press.

Of course, that spot went to David Gregory, who appears to be mildly less intelligent than Shuster, although marginally more charming. Which poses the question: exactly what is so special about Shuster that he deserved a platform on MSNBC anyway, let alone his own show on CNN? At best, he’s a crudely conventional liberal commentator. At worst, he’s an oblivious sexist.

His colleague Gregory has struggled with ratings on Meet The Press. While this blog has shamefully failed to comment on the major news that Christiane Amanpour will be taking over This Week (it was a post that was meant to happen at least 3 times, and may still), I wish her the best in forcing NBC’s hand on Gregory. Amanpour’s show on CNN is already the best part of my Sunday in the absence of a Chelsea match.

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