Yet Another Reason to Hate Alec Baldwin


In case you thought his daughter had it coming or that 30 Rock is remotely funny, Alec seems to have accepted a mission to convince us how much he sucks. I wouldn’t normally reduce a criticism to name-calling, but when you are this much of an elitist without even realizing it, you have it coming:

I am a dyed-in-the-wool Starbucks customer, but my favorite coffee is served with the worst food selection in America. The baked goods at Starbucks are what my friend and I call “Prison Cake”, because we imagine this is what comes on your tray in prison at meal time. The baked goods at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are reminiscent of Balthazar by comparison.

I’m sure he’s exaggerating but, really, prison food? Really? We’re doing this? Can’t you just say it sucks (which I don’t think it does, but whatever)?

This is the type of thing that makes people hate liberals. They already think that our patronage of Starbucks is a statement of superiority over the everyman’s Diabetes-inducing Dunkin’ Donuts (at least in Boston). Now we’re going to be too good for Starbucks? What’s next; we shun even the indie coffee shop because they don’t play our favorite Belle and Sebastian album?

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