Also, There’s Something Fishy about The Silversun Pickups…


They also were on that episode of Jools. I think they are trying to be like a better looking version of the Smashing Pumpkins. I’m sure someone must have made this comparison already, so pardon me for no longer being able to tolerate music media. Also Silversun Pickups? SP?

I admit to being turned off by them initially because of those MTV commercials where they were eating dinner together. I thought it was cheesy in “I’d probably like to do that with my band but sure as hell wouldn’t put it on MTV” sort of way. But I could see digging them now in an environment that I don’t have to cop to it.

Also, it’s Friday, and I wrote a lot last night, so we’re taking it easy today content-wise

2 Responses to “Also, There’s Something Fishy about The Silversun Pickups…”

  1. 1 emilylhauser

    I actually kind of like them, but still can’t get over the fact that they often sound like they’re led by the guy who looks like Sonic from Tokio Hotel.

  2. 2 poliology

    Haha, the Silversun Pickups are clearly playing hard to get. Tokio Hotel is just insanity.

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