Milgrim Goes Prime Time in France


Everyone’s favorite Intro to Psych lesson has apparently gone pop:

Contestants on a French game show called ‘Game of Death’ have been shown to be willing to torture a man to death if given encouragement.

The TV show, named ‘Le jeu de la mort’ in French, was part of an experiment that will be aired onFrench TV tonight.

According to the show’s producers, 81% of contestants were persuaded to administer painful electric shocks to a victim, at up to a 420-volt charge.

The audience also encouraged the contestants, shouting “punishment” as further shocks were administered.

The victim screamed when given the shocks and eventually appeared to die.

It’s kinda surprising that more of the contestants wouldn’t have seen how similar it was to the experiment, but then again that could be true of Americans too. I guess this is a sign of the dystopian future, but it’s 2010 and it has to start some time.

One Response to “Milgrim Goes Prime Time in France”

  1. 1 carlos the dwarf

    Milgram experiment? They don’t teach that in the schools anymore! I only learned about it in college, and only then because I was a sociology major. Silly blogger, expecting people to know things. 😉

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