The Bold, Implicitly Partisan Truth of


In bold, naturally:

Scholz’s attorney is well-known to the Herald. Five years ago, Cooper won a $2 million judgment (which, plus interest, amounted to $3.4 million) against the tabloid after a jury determined the Herald libeled Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy by portraying the jurist as lenient on crime and writing that unnamed sources overheard the judge saying of a 14-year-old rape victim, ‘‘Tell her to get over it.’’

The claim has merit when you consider, for one, the recap of the story immediately following the use of the “t” word. Still considering the Globe’s financial troubles, it seems, well, very MSNBC of the Globe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that really; the Herald is certainly in the mold of Fox, and Fox wins by drawing large audiences with a combination of outrageousness, appeal to white angst, and in general, whatever makes money that has a conservative bend. But it’s not like calling the Herald a tabloid is going to make its readers finally wake up, nor will the Herald more closely examine their journalistic standards. People buy what they like.

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