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Arsenal 1 – Porto 1 Gunners are without Fabregas, down a goal on aggregate. Porto is never easy, and with Arsenal seemingly having a shot at domestic glory, I don’t see Arsenal having the drive to come back. Fiorentina 2 – Bayern 0 Fiorentina were screwed by, you guessed it, Tom Henning Ovrebo in the […]

I really hope that the details in this story aren’t true. Allen Iverson, always controversial, was an inspiration on the court, and one of the toughest players the league has seen. If this story is true, I hope Iverson can recover. But I can’t help but see Smith’s critique in a negative light, especially in […]

Now here’s a dude I have no problem attacking. He is the embodiment of everything wrong with political journalism. But I’ll leave it to Andrew Sullivan to do the honors. Money quote: No one does it better than Mark Halperin. Every single thing he cites in his latest brain-dead critique is, I believe, tangibly false, and […]

*Sigh* This ad (for Lowden, essentially) is just as stupid as the one I just posted. I’ll even, just for the hell of it, forgive the anti-bailout rhetoric. It mentions our paychecks are shrinking, implying a tax increase, when there has only been tax cuts, specifically targeted towards the middle class. It fails to mention we […]

Yes, protect Medicare, stop goverrnment health care. But you already knew that.