A Way to End Your Political Career Before It Starts


Via Sullivan, Joyner on Kaus’ Senate run:

the mere fact that we’ve accumulated a long paper (pixel?) trail of recording every fool thought that’s passed through our minds over the last several years. Even bright, thoughtful, decent types like Douthat and Klein — and Lord knows, Kaus and Joyner — have written things that would kill a campaign dead, dead, dead if it showed up in an attack ad.

Yeah, basically. I’ve thought about this a lot with blogging; I don’t get too personal on this site for a number of reasons. In general, it’s not always a smart thing to do on the internet. Certainly, I’d say, most people aren’t weighing the risks inherent in emotional, intellectual, and political honesty. And of course, the story isn’t that good…Do voters really want to hear a story of a blogger who versed themselves endlessly in policy, or do they want to hear about someone who ran a successful company, etc?

And what happens when Kaus’ has to say, compromise with someone on immigration reform? I can’t see it happening; if you think politicians are dogmatic now, wait til you see them defend years of their own criticism.

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