Huffington Post Comment on Dean Baker


My comment on Dean Baker’s story (original link found here) . Here’s what I had to say:

Mr. Baker,

I graduated last week from a prestigious college (a semester early) with a degree in one of their most difficult programs. I have worked 20+ hours per week for the last two years during school, and full time during the summer. I took an unpaid, uncredited internship. I spent my last summer working 3 jobs, one of which as a journalist for the top college radio station in the country on their news show.

Don’t tell me if the Washington Post would have written about the housing bubble, we would have all been fine. Don’t tell me it’s the Washington Post’s fault that universal health care was never enacted. Don’t whine about the corporate media.

You see, in your defense of your own generation, you incriminate your generation. The people not enacting universal health care were your friends. The people buying houses and trying to flip them were adults who thought they could make a cheap buck. This nonsensical system of Credit Default Swaps, hedge funds, sub-prime mortgages, and other Wall St. malfeasance came from people your age. Your generation elected a movie star president who was controlled by the same people who controlled George W. Bush. Your generation was impatient with Carter’s programs, which would have made us energy independent and fiscally stronger.

But you and your friends (even the liberals) didn’t do anything about it. Some of you blew up buildings (later a liability for our generation’s leader). Some of you just laid around, going into academics or starting meaningless non-profits. A lot of you wanted to work on Wall St. and be part of the Reagan revolution. Your generation took credit limits to absurd levels. Your corporations took over the media. Your generation made corporations more powerful than even they could have dreamed.

I seem to be hopelessly looking for a job, having done everything and more that is expected of me. Having worked hard to make a future for myself and my country, it seems, in vain. Yet you and your generation want to whine that media failed us?

No. Your generation failed us, and you flippantly try to deny this. Disgusting.

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