Election Day Playlist


As some of you know, I’m a pretty die hard music fan. That hasn’t really been mentioned on this blog largely because politics and music have been a rather one-sided, unthrilling combination for years. Whether it be espousing some liberal cause, saying some liberal cause is stupid, or just telling people to go out and vote, musicians rarely make a lot of news worthy political statements. That being said, content in music can be key, and while it may not always be “on message” or straightforward, I do find some music (important to distinguish music from the musicians that make it) politicall inspiring. I’ve been working on an election day playlist; won’t you join me?

1. Brain of J. — Pearl Jam

Might as well kick off with where it started for me. The first lines of the song are basically what this election is all about.

Who’s got the brain of JFK, what’s it mean to us now?

The question is whether

soon the whole world will be different, soon the whole world will be believin’

2. Won’t Get Fooled Again — The Who

Pretty self explanatory by the title, right? I also think there’s a line that prophetic in regards to Lieberman

Who was marching on the left, is now marching on the right

3. Fake Tales of San Francisco — Arctic Monkeys.

This one works on two levels. One, if only Mayhill Fowler’s were. The other, anything Sarah Palin says about San Francisco basically fall into the category of “fake tales”

4. Change Clothes — Jay-Z

Hey, if you had $150,000 worth, you’d have to, too

5. Arizona — Kings of Leon

It’s John McCain’s state (and Obama’s within 1 point according to one poll). Could be the state to watch

6. Panama — Van Halen

Whether you’re using it as a tribute to John McCain’s birthplace or imagining what Cindy used to hit the clubs to dance to, it probably warrants a place on your playlist

7. Butterflies and Hurricanes — Muse

One of my staples through the primary. This one could definitely be an inspirational Obama song…if only they weren’t so damn artsy!

8. B.O.B — Outkast

What was arguably the deciding factor in Obama’s rise? His opposition to bombs over Baghdad

9. Siberia — Charlotte Hatherley

Because if Sarah Palin doesn’t have her eye on it, some other woman should

10.  10 Days Late — Third Eye Blind

For the Levi Johnston in all of us

11. The Rising — Bruce Springsteen

No doubt many could say I’m carrying the Obama campaign’s water with this one. But I think it really is a brilliant choice for the campaign. Written in the aftermath of 9/11, the song spoke of the optimism that rose from that tragedy, and the strength of the American people to deal with such a challenge. Our hope turned to misplaced devotion to an incompetent and evil administration, and our country is weaker than its been in years. Here’s hoping that regardless of who wins (we are not officially at a 3% chance for McCain), can help us out of this dark time

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