No John McCain, You Go Off and Die


So let’s see, even though the vast majority of young people oppose the War in Iraq, and oppose future unnecessary wars, John McCain wants us to go and die, voluntarily or involuntarily, for his neo-con games. I know, I know, Poliology isn’t the DailyKos (I don’t, and probably never will censor anyone’s comments provided they aren’t threatening)–I don’t like posting out of anger, or doing anything irrationally that might come back to haunt me. That’s the difference between reasonable people and John McCain. But maybe will wake someone, anyone, up a bit.

This probably isn’t McCain’s most egregious violation, which was pushing us towards World War III with Iran, Russia, and possibly China, a war we could only win by nuking half the world. If you want to see how America ends, here it is: McCain pushes an entire generation into a war it doesn’t want to fight. This could be with Russia, who he vigorously attacked over the Georgia scenario, and said that he only sees “KGB” in Putin’s eyes. Everyone knows Putin is evil and kills journalists, among others in his country that dissent–but since Russia is sorta an ally, and significantly powerful, you just don’t do that. It’s that simple.

Or maybe it’ll happen with Iran. Maybe he will go off and bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. Aside from the price of oil going up immensely, they have a strong army. Fighting them would require an amount of troops we don’t have, and drafted troops would have no interest in attacking. Thousands of Americans in the military die, and meanwhile someone in Pakistan is strapping a nuclear device to an Al-Qaida suicide bomber that will target a major US city (probably New York, maybe D.C., the irony being that citizens of that city will vote against McCain). But McCain opposes bombing the Afghanistan/Pakistan (not Iraq/Pakistan) border without the permission of the Pakistani government, which is now, and will likely remain for some time, in a state of disorder.

Let’s not even get started on what McCain could try to pull with China, I would hope he’s smarter than that.

But this is where we are. We have a party of “whiners” who complain that the taxes of the richest one percent of America might go up by three percent. We have people that won’t vote for Obama because to them black people are scary and not to be trusted.

The Republican Party’s worldview has become completely incompatible with the world around it, and they are too ignorant, willfully or not, to acknowledge it. And yet they manage to trick most of the country into thinking that drilling off shore might drop their gas prices. They never say how much or when it will effect gas prices. Because it won’t, but it will make Exxon money. They don’t support making cars that don’t even need gas, which would solve the problem, because it simply doesn’t serve their interest.

They convince people that it is God’s way to deny people civil rights and liberties. They convinced people that impeaching their White House is inconvenient, so we shouldn’t do it. It makes you wonder if America deserves what it could and probably will get with more Republican leadership. However my generation and I didn’t ask for it, but we are the ones that are paying for it and will keep paying for it.

And if you don’t think this could happen, go watch The Fog of War. This could easily happen, and we even have less rational people ruling the world.

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    Very amateur video, but I think it says enough, whatya think?

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