Why Elizabeth “Let” John Run


I have a lot of…issues with the Edwards story. I definitely took Edwards’ side from the beginning, but since the admission, obviously much has changed. So first, let me say this: I feel lied to.

Not only do I look like a fool for having defended him, it bothers me that this is even an issue. As Bill Maher said about Bill Clinton “Leave him alone, the man just got a blow job.” So then I have to deal with the fact that a person with no future in the Democratic party, has both let me down, and let it affect me in a way that it rationally should not have.

That being said, since the media is going to make this a story, let’s just clear something up. I was fooled once, I won’t be fooled again.

One of the better reasons brought up for covering the story is that Edwards selfishly put the future of the Democratic party into jeopardy, because had he been the nominee, this story would have broke and could have ended his chances.

In a story in the Washington Independent, Anne Taylor Fleming expresses disappointment in that his strong-willed wife, Elizabeth, did not stop John from running. According to Edwards’ version of the story, the affair happened in 2006, and John told his wife immediately afterwards. He also claims he did not father a love child, which would be a real great assertion if the baby mama in question weren’t being advised by an attorney not to allow Edwards to take a paternity test.

Fleming and the rest of the press have bought Edwards’ story top to bottom, which is really funny because he just admitted he had been lying about the whole thing.

I have an idea: Elizabeth didn’t know.

This story has been around for a long time (just ask Mickey Kaus) and Edwards only admitted the story since the National Enquirer published pictures of him with Hunter’s child, and evidence that he repeatedly visited her (security guard). He had every chance to come out with this admission to the public–if he thought he could fool everyone else in America, why wouldn’t he think he could fool his wife and family (who are more inclined to try to deny it to themselves)?

Anyway, this is the last you’ll probably hear about this story on this blog. I’m not going to ask the press to draw parallels between Edwards and McCain. They easily could. I do ask however, that they compare McCain and Obama (or Edwards for that matter) largely on the issues. But I suppose I ask too much.

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