The Baz is Back


Slate is back with a Bazelon article today, trying to prove everything McCain says about liberals correct. The original article can be found here, not that you have to look too hard because apparently it’s worthy of a front page these days. Anyways, here’s my response, also found in The Fray:

Slate used to be a reputable site. I have to say though, it seems that since David Plotz took over, he has made every effort to turn this site into some sort of parody of what “elitist” white yuppy liberals like, and what they should read. Slate used to do counter-intuitiveness well, but now it’s just contrian, or at least contradictory. Tell me, how dumb does Emily Bazelon have to be not notice this simple logical fallacy (this one is almost as good as the time she used a BYU study to try to prove a point about family values):

To begin with, 6-year-old kindergartners create an age span in the classroom that extends not only more than 12 months, but as much as 18 months. That’s significant, developmentally, and it can make it harder for the younger ones to keep up—especially in this age of academic kindergarten, which can involve more sitting still and pencil work than play or naptime.

So younger kids don’t do well in kindergarten apparently, so if you have a young kid (fall birthday), Emily Bazelon wants you to make sure that kid stays young for his class and struggles, but most importantly, doesn’t compete with her little brat that freaks out over veggie sticks (which Bazelon calls panic attacks, and what other, sane people call throwing a tantrum). That’s right, Emily Bazelon, who feels that every ridiculous and whiny thing that her children do is worthy of Slate’s bandwith (to be fair, apparently so does Plotz) is accusing parents of being selfish because they think that their kid, who very well might also be too emotionally immature for kindergarten as well as too young, of trying to do what’s best for their kid, within the law.

I have known many, many kids who were born in September, October, or November, and entered school what is “late” by Bazelon standards, and it ended up giving them a better understanding of the material than kids who went in by Baz standard time. In fact, the kids I knew on Bazeltime seemed to be immature and frustrated, and more likely to be picked on. Anecdotal I know, but this is largely an anecdotal issue. In a world where all of us complain about the education system (and rightly so), you have to wonder about the intentions of someone who decries people that try to do what’s best for their kid.

I know, I know, if you don’t like it, then don’t read it. Well, to me that’s absurd. For one, Slate is a representation of “liberal” media, and I don’t want the perception of people who share my ideology to be of some yuppy formerly overprivileged child who is now a parent of an over-privileged child. Also, I am a long time fan of the site, so it’s disappointing to see it go downhill.

At least The Root is still good.

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