Mormon? That’s Too Exotic for Me


Patrick Healy of the New York Times was just on MSNBC talking possible VP picks for both candidates. I was busy just trying to figure out who the fuck Tim Kaine is, and why he gives his most clear position on a VP candidacy in Spanish. In the midst of all of that, Healy had moved on to discussing the possible Republican VP candidates.

(Brief aside: Why do networks continue to use the unbearable pun “veepstakes.” It’s fucking awful. The vice presidency is not something you send away for because you saw a contest for it on Nickelodeon. Is Carrie Bradshaw queen of all media? Does that mean Howard Stern has to have sex with her? Tough break for Stern)

There’s two names being thrown around for the Republican spot: Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. It looks likely that it’ll be Pawlenty, and here’s at least part of the reason why: when going over a possible southern evangelical reaction to Romney, Healy thinks their thought process will be “Mormon? That’s too exotic for me.” Verbatim, my friends, verbatim.

Now, this is obviously ridiculous. Healy thinks that comprehension of the word “exotic” in the South extends beyond its use as a prefix for “dancer,” and that can’t be true. But let’s say it is. Let’s say southern evangelicals really think Mormons are exotic–do SE’s think Mormons’ missions are just fancy getaways? Do they think Mormons sit around, not drinking alcohol, in tribal costumes?

Why can’t Healy just say it? They are ignorant and bigoted. If I based my vote on someone having the same religion as me, just about the last person I would have even come close to voting for would have been Thomas Jefferson, a deist. Have we become a culture so politically correct that we even have to handle racists and bigots with velvet gloves?

MSNBC continued on to a segment about the gay issues–you know, the ones about whether or not two people that love each other can get married, and the one about two people that love each other wanting to raise a child that is currently in a shitty situation. So naturally, Barack Obama being in favor of these things (well somewhat so on gay marriage, preferring civil unions–that’s bullshit, but what can you do) gives him an advantage in the election. Oh wait, no it doesn’t. As it turns out “values voters,” and that’s what they called them because they have “values,” oppose these measures, and it may actually cost Obama the election, as it did for Kerry. What the fuck, man?!

This is the type of thing that drives me crazy. Why do we base our collective judgment on what a bunch of lunatics think? Why doesn’t having “values” mean overcoming your prejudice for the good of everyone in the country? Why is it that people that are pro-choice aren’t “pro-values” on the basis of observing the right of women to do what they want to with their body? And the same people who oppose abortion also oppose the idea of a kid who may be aborted getting adopted by a loving, gay home.

And yet, people still bitch about the “liberal media”

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