Scott McClellan, You Thieving Douche!


Scott McClellan thought he was all cool or something this week, when he was all over cable TV promoting his groundbreaking book, What Happened. McClellan may even get to testify before congress based on the not-so-stunning revelation that the Bush administration did some really fucked up shit. Sorry, I sound bitter, but that bastard stole his idea from ME. It used to be that Press Secretaries kept quiet about the bad stuff the people whom they represented did, until I broke that tradition and spoke out the Emerson Student Government as their former secretary with a speech I did in front of them months ago:

Members of the SGA and students of Emerson College,

We know why were are here today. The practices of this government have been ethically questionable, and students, who elected these representatives, have grown concerned. So first I’d like to thank everyone for coming out and taking action, as well as those who could not be here today due to prior obligation.

I am here today not only as one of those students, but the future head of a major Emerson institution, and former member of the SGA. Now, as a former member of the SGA, I cannot say I was particularly surprised when controversy erupted over Hand Me Down Night. There is a disturbing pattern within the organization of improper financing– Hand Me Down Night being the most egregious– and the student body being informed only through stories in the Berkeley Beacon. We are here today to try to put an end to all of that.

It should be common sense. No organization, such as Emerson Forensics, one of the most promising groups on campus that will certainly raise our school’s profile under the leadership of the most intelligent Emersonian I know, should be denied any funds while SGA leadership spends $630 on floral arrangements.

$5,000 should not be spent on a hotel ballroom while our college has sufficient space on campus

There should be no threat of a conflict of interest when this amount of money is being talked about.

Furthermore with the amount of marketing and OP students, there should not even be a singular committee that essentially is given a no bid contract once they are selected.

The SGA should not be chastising its constituents when:
1) these are the people you represent
2) you do not widely disseminate budgetary information
3)You do not have a working website–which could be built with SGA funds–to explain how to properly apply for SGA funds, how to understand SGA rules and regulations, and again, most importantly, to know where our money is going.

We have come, many of us members of SGA sponsored organizations, not to label the SGA as entirely bad or corrupt organization. Many of us have benefitted from the SGA funding an organization, and thus benefitted from the work of the SGA. That is not what today is about though. We are here to stop this government from falling deeper into the traps that many of us despise in our national government.

I believe in the students who have taken time out of their busy schedule to be here today to express their concern. But I also believe in you, Emerson Student Government. I believe that if we hold you to higher standards, you will reach them. I believe that you can make this community better by funding our organizations, standing up for students rights, and something I personally find long overdue, a scholarship program lower income students apply and attend this college, and use what they learn here to better their community and the country. Please help us take that first step here today. Hear our concerns. And promise us you can do better not just because we came here, but because you know you can.

Thieving Bastard!

(I’m completely kidding. While I did make that speech, I don’t begrudge McClellan, and in fact I applaud him and all Press Secretaries who wish to stand up for their values, even if it is against his/her career.)

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