How to End the Democratic Primary


Huffington Post is pushing a story today from Hotline blog that may provide the answer for how to get Hillary to stop drop out. It’s something that has occurred to me before, but when I mentioned it to someone knowledgable on politics, they said it could never work. Well, maybe it can:

As Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign comes to a close, the chattering class is already speculating about what’s next for her. Much of the buzz, of course, focuses on the pros and cons of becoming Barack Obama’s running mate. But another long-shot possibility is beginning to get some ink: an appointment to the Supreme Court.

“I certainly think that Senator Obama’s inclination to look for people of broad experience, people whose deepest values and whose empathy with others makes them wise human beings as well as expert lawyers, would mean he wouldn’t rule out people such as Senator Clinton just because they don’t have judicial experience,” said Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law expert at the Harvard Law School who is advising Obama’s campaign.

Source: Hotline (Full story Here)

This is great news if you’re a Democrat. Hillary supporters would be satisfied with their hero forever in a major public office, Obama wouldn’t have to put her on the ticket, Roe v. Wade is protected, and we would never have to see another Clinton campaign! Can Terry McAuliffe get nominated too?

That being said, there are of course problems with striking this deal. Nominating Clinton would further show that the Supreme Court is really nothing more than a third house of congress. That being said, Republicans proverbially and literally started it, so Democrats can’t just sit back and let it happen. Also, while Hillary was/is a lawyer, she’s never actually been a judge, which could make even the congressional Democrats that would confirm her nervous.  Furthermore, can one actually run on the premise of appointing a specific person to the supreme court? Doing so could jeopardize Obama’s campaign. However, if he kept it on the quiet, he may be able to get Hillary to shape up and help him for November. A tangled and sad web that has been woven, and it is one that will no doubt continue to haunt the Dems through this process. If this is a solution, great, but it may not be, the solution that wins it all.

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